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I don’t know the technical details of what a chamber like that does on a big single 4 stroke engine, but the KTM Factory supported MX and Supercross race teams only uses Akrapovic exhaust system on all their bikes and Akra is still using their own proprietary designed chamber on every unit, in fact it looks bigger than ever this year, and I’d trust my life that if it wasn’t doing something to help the power they wouldn’t be wasting the time or weight involved in having it on those bikes…
have you seen any of those bikes up close from any manufacturer at that level???

Their isn’t a extra washer on them that doesn’t need to be there.

I had a 018 Husky 701 SM that I put a Full Titanium Arrow exhaust system on ,that Titanium header was almost a exact copy of the original in shape and tubing size, just 3 times as light, ( and Super Trick to look at as it changed color from the high temps and the hand heliarc welds look Amazing).
Rottweiler has spent the dyno time tuning for the power commander and sells Arrow systems , they admitted the header change over stock wouldn’t be anything that could be measured.

so on my 018 690 enduro that I’m still running today I kept the stock head pipe, and just added the Wings muffler set up, the stock unit is made of thick Stainless, (so no nice colors) it’s also better at not getting dented in a crash.

but the engine ( 690) even though it’s only the third generation compared to the Huskies forth generation was set up identical by me , Full Rottweiler intake system , a power commander with their (RP) proprietary tune added to the exhaust mods make for a terrific power/reliability set up on those engines.

Can we say Monster power, yea..
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