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Tearin' up SW Washington!!!

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Greg (FC_501) and I went out for a rip yesterday. Started from the Ridgefield cutoff, and drode through Battleground (the boring part)

Then we rode up SR503 to Jacks. Got stuck behind a Dump Truck for a bit, so I decided to stop and wait a little before we ripped through the 15's (a section of 15 MPH corners)

At Jacks we turned up the wick a bit to tell the natives we were there.

Filled up at Cougar, I pulled a cool wheelie as usual!! Then ran up to Merrill Lake. That road is a friggin blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Technical too. There is basicly NO traffic, and because of this, there are a few twigs and leaves on the road, not to mention some patches of moss!!! We ran up this canyon twice. It'a a 6 mile stretch, and the Cougar Natives really fon an ear full!!! :hammer:

Total Ride was 101.8 miles!! :bike:

Once Windy Ridge thaws out, I think we are gonna haul the bikes up to Bear Meadow, and go Sport Bike hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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phlat65 said:
chatter boxes and leap frogging. take turns scoutin ahead, and take turns railing.

I almost tagged a jeep on reiter road going to Index. it was pretty sketch. I don't like going fast on single lane roads now...
That was actually a lifted F-250.....and we were on gravel/silt woo hoo a heart stopper fo sho !!!!
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