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Tearin' up SW Washington!!!

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Greg (FC_501) and I went out for a rip yesterday. Started from the Ridgefield cutoff, and drode through Battleground (the boring part)

Then we rode up SR503 to Jacks. Got stuck behind a Dump Truck for a bit, so I decided to stop and wait a little before we ripped through the 15's (a section of 15 MPH corners)

At Jacks we turned up the wick a bit to tell the natives we were there.

Filled up at Cougar, I pulled a cool wheelie as usual!! Then ran up to Merrill Lake. That road is a friggin blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Technical too. There is basicly NO traffic, and because of this, there are a few twigs and leaves on the road, not to mention some patches of moss!!! We ran up this canyon twice. It'a a 6 mile stretch, and the Cougar Natives really fon an ear full!!! :hammer:

Total Ride was 101.8 miles!! :bike:

Once Windy Ridge thaws out, I think we are gonna haul the bikes up to Bear Meadow, and go Sport Bike hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If you guys ride pretty often I would like to come down and join in on the fun sometime too. Im going to be making a trip down there mabe in a couple weeks. mabe we could hook up for a short ride.

ya, we should defenitely set something up. Sounds like you guys know some good roads in the st helans area. I went for a drive down there last year, but i was dissapointed in the roads, way to long and not curvy enough up to the look out or whatever. I must not have been in the right area.

I run gravel roads in a car all the time and I use all the road. The real good solution for the car stuff that i have come up with is to only go out at night, that way you can see car lights around corners. I live on the kitsap peninsula and we go over into the olympics by quilcene, there are some really good roads over there. I am sure that running your roads on bikes in the dark is probably out of the question, but its an idea.

phlat65 said:
and the other people can probably hear yor un-muffled rotary for miles :thumbup:
very observant of you. Ya the car i use to take over there is an absolute beater rx7, but has a lot of bolt ons. I have another 7 thats turbocharged and has a bunch of stuff done, cars are fun. But i have riden dirt bikes now and then since i was a kid, now its time to take it to the street.

1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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