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Tearin' up SW Washington!!!

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Greg (FC_501) and I went out for a rip yesterday. Started from the Ridgefield cutoff, and drode through Battleground (the boring part)

Then we rode up SR503 to Jacks. Got stuck behind a Dump Truck for a bit, so I decided to stop and wait a little before we ripped through the 15's (a section of 15 MPH corners)

At Jacks we turned up the wick a bit to tell the natives we were there.

Filled up at Cougar, I pulled a cool wheelie as usual!! Then ran up to Merrill Lake. That road is a friggin blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Technical too. There is basicly NO traffic, and because of this, there are a few twigs and leaves on the road, not to mention some patches of moss!!! We ran up this canyon twice. It'a a 6 mile stretch, and the Cougar Natives really fon an ear full!!! :hammer:

Total Ride was 101.8 miles!! :bike:

Once Windy Ridge thaws out, I think we are gonna haul the bikes up to Bear Meadow, and go Sport Bike hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What the hell dude! You didn't even tell me you had a camera with you.

I'm new to the street and have never ridden a bike that hard in my life, I tore the living shit out of that road and loved every minute of it. The drop offs would kill a guy pretty quick I think, but hell I'd go with a smile on at least.

Let's do another one soon and get more tards out there.
We started out of Stabler Wa. near Carson. You won't find better roads than these but the more I think about it the more crazy it seems. These are paved single lane very twisty roads that climb probably 1500' in a few miles. The problem is that you have absolutly no place to bail out when a car comes, and they do get traveled. I want to keep doing it but I don't care who you are or what you can do on a bike you will eat grill if a car comes, very blind corners and lots of them.

The only way I would feel fairly safe is to bring some cones and a road closed sign and make it look like the Forest Service closed it.

Any other ideas?
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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