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Hi All,
I need some information on swapping over to SM wheels. I just did the swap using SMR510 Wheels and everything went smoothly. I do have a couple of issues that I need to work out tho'.

1. Kickstand - the kickstand seems too long for the setup now. It stands up dangerously too vertically and depending on the surface i'm parking at i can't even use the kickstand now. I started looking in to getting an SM630 Kickstand but i'm told by my dealer that the SM and TE have the same part number for the kickstand. I'm not sure how this could be since the SM has both a suspension that has less travel as well as the smaller wheels making it quite unlikely that they could share the same kickstand. Can someone with an SM630 measure their kickstand for me from the center of the mounting hole to the end of the kickstand? And has anyone done this swap yet?

2. Speedo wheel size change - I've used the instructions that are floating around for the 610 but it's not working for me. Does anyone have instructions to adjust the wheelsize on the 630 speedo?

Any suggestions/info on the two issues will be greatly appreciated.

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