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My XR is an old lady, which really needs a lot of TLC at the moment... And as I already have a nice 2stroker as dirt shredder, this XR will be my platform for a SM conversion :bannana:
And yes, I also want a more modern look for my XR but I don't want to spend a lot of cash on those custom XR tank & seat combo's...

So... A small warning... If you are a hardcore Honda lover and don't like other brands than Honda, just close this topic...

We start with a 1994 Honda XR

Tear it down

This engine has to go, I have another XR Thumper on the workbench waiting for install. This engine is a stocker, the other engine is a 280cc thumper... This engine also needs some TLC, as it leaks oil through the decompression lever and has a blown headgasket (again).

Removed the wiring loom

And out is the engine

The stocker on the workbench

This 280 is awaiting, although it needs a new camchain but I will put that one in a spare hour or so...

All the pieces that came off the bike, also whacked off the subframe (in the front of this picture)

And some of the pieces that will be added during the project... do you see the yellow lime green plastic tank??? ;)

YEAAAAHHHHH Here it comes!!!! Not for the faint hearted hahahahahaha

This plastic will be put on my XR, it's from a 2004 DRZ 400. Yep, guess my Honda will become a SuHonKi. IMO a bit more modern looking plastic than the XR.

Why this plastic you might think? Well... first of all, I like to whack up things, but also building things. Truth is, is that I didn't wanted to cut the big central pipe of the frame. So then the possibilities for a more modern looking dirtbike get's a bit limited. I have tried serveral tanks on the XR frame (YZ, KDX and also some KTM stuff) but the DRZ tank seems to fit best.

Trial fit with the aluminium DRZ subframe

So I played around a bit, and I couldn't resist to make a mock up...

Started with the good'ol Ducktape :D

And used some 8mm bolts to mark up where to weld the upper mounting point for the subframe

I have stripped the paint and grinded to top of the shock mount a bit flat, then marked the line where my tube has to go

Tube??? Yes tube hahaha

You start with a 13mm thickwalled (2,5mm) tube/pipe and 2 M8 castlenuts

And a couple of minutes later

And the SuHonKI or whatever it is, is coming to life bit by bit... I've bought new plastic, but if you source everything from Ebay you should be able to build something like this just for a couple of bucks.... I do like the new look of my XR

Welded some tabs for the tank

Mounts up great!

Seems that I have just enough room to leave the steering as is...

Welded a tab under for the subframe

Perfectly straight! :)

This is my fix for the radiator area, as it's an aircooled bike hahaha

I like my Yellow Banana Honda :)

Painted my 280 engine

And I also made my bullet proof, never tear off the frame, tabs... I know, it's probably insane to use 10mm thick iron, but I had it laying around so why not use it?

I've welded the tabs on the outside twice, so with a really thick weld (not shown on the pictures above). The reason I did that, was that I want to have a bit of factory-looking tab... My XR is road legal, and I don't want to explain to each copper that I've cut my XR frame in 2 pieces and welded a piece of Suzuki on it. Besides that, I love the look of smooth lines, so I needed to add some extra welding material to have some room to grind it all nice and flat without loosing any strenght.

Same story on the other side of the frame

Found an airbox of a DRZ, as that will be a direct bolt-in. The XR has his air inlet for the carburator on the opposite side compared to a DRZ, so I need to make it fit... Not a big deal I think... But not sure, I'll find that out later

Test fitting of the subframe, not too bad I would say...

Soon to be continued...

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Let's blow off the dust from this topic ;)

I have way too many projects hahaha

Anyway, I've painted my engine black again... Looks a bit better on a Honda

My frame returned from the powercoater, I love the look of it and it's always nice working on a piece of metal without grease and rust

So... next step would be the suspension... I am going to keep my XR forever, so why not improve the shockers from the 80's to somewhat newer? ;)

Out with the XR stem

The XR stem have been pressed out, the stem of the Suzuki too... Why Suzuki, well the bottom joke is almost identical to the Honda.
The steering-stops at the Suzuki joke are at the same position as the XR, so no hi-tech machining needed here :)

The Honda steering stem (26mm) is a bit smaller than the Suzuki one (30mm) so I need to fill this small gap...

But first things first, the Honda steering stem is made from steel (the Suzuki one is aluminium) so I've pressed a steel ring around the Honda stem, this ring will be welded to the stem.


Always hated the rusty stains on my front fender, the stem is made from steel and hollow so waterdrips caused some nice brown spots on my white fender. Not anymore ;)

But the stem is still to small for the Suzuki fork... So I've made a small bushing of aluminium

You get the idea, right?

Now it fits...

Welcome Mr. Suzuki RMZ 450, meet Mr. Honda XR250R

The Honda fork is really tiny compared to the RMZ... The RMZ forks are also a bit longer, but that shouldn't be an issue.

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And again I need to blow the dust off this topic....

The Husky smoker needed a complete engine overhaul, and as that bike is my beloved dirt shredder, that had to be done first. ;)

Anyway, today I picked up my XR DRZ RMZ KTM parts bike project again!

Dropped the engine in

New steering head bearings for the RMZ 450 triple clamps

RMZ frontfork, XR250 swingarm and shock in place

Modified the rear wheel (other wheel bearings, collar and spacers) to fit into the XR swingarm

It fits really nicely, perhaps a 150 tyre will fit, but for now 130/70/17 have to do the job!
Besides, who needs a big tyre on a 280cc anyway?!?

Nicely centered! :)

Loosely fitted the plastic to give you an idea


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Small update :)

Dropped in a Husky CR fork, it suits the tiny XR better than the bulky RMZ 450 fork and installed the front wheel. (don't look at the mess in my shed...)

The DRZ airbox is now connected to the carb

At first I thought that the XR400 header would fit quite easily but I was wrong... I ended up with cutting the headerpipe into 4 pieces and rewelded it... The XR400 pipe won't clear the clutchcabel holder at the frame, and won't clear the oilline bolt on top of the engine case.

But it's fixed

Slowly getting there....

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And today it's the day this topic can be closed, as my bike is finished.

Ok ok, need to do some fine tuning here and there, but I guess it have worked out nicely!


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Could we get some details on your carb setup? Is that a 35 mm Keihin? What kind of jetting are you running? I bet that thing really rips over stock!

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Could we get some details on your carb setup? Is that a 35 mm Keihin? What kind of jetting are you running? I bet that thing really rips over stock!
Yes, it rips over stock ;) Today I drove with a friend who has a DRZ 400 sumo and I could came along nicely :)

It's a Keihin 32 Pwk clone, but I've used genuine Keihin jets;
145 MJ
35 PJ
needle clip one clip up from centre
Sea level

Truth is that I've tried the stock jetting (125/45) and also 120 MJ as it's a big bore > smaller jetting...
But with this China Ebay Keihin (with the 32mm venturi) even 145 is a bit too lean, I'll step up to 150, maybe even 160...
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