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Finally finished making my bike a street legal one. I am needing help from you guys, since I can’t seem to find the answers straight foward. (Always send to a pro.... bla bla bla)

I know dropping the front, makes close turns easier, but still haven’t done that, I want to get familiar with setting logics to this first...

So it is a wr450 2013. 17” wheels. Stock suspension, stock springs. I weigh around 190lbs. Mostly to be used on street and canyon racing.

....few things I've got to so far.

“Sag 40-60mm front rider sag
70-90mm rear rider sag”

“compression stiffer, and rebound need to be slower then normal dirt setup”

“you still want the front end to dive during braking and stay compressed during the corner.”

—Front forks can handle
Compression 20 total clicks
Rebound 22 total clicks
— Rear shock can handle
Compression 22 total clicks
Rebound 40 total clicks

I am kind of lost, and tired of readind and reading.... any help on where to start would be aprreciated...
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