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Suspension set-up

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I've played with my suspension settings a little bit and found I could really get the bike to sit down and slide a lot more controllably with the adjustments, but it's left me wondering what other people are running on their bikes.

On my 2004 CRF450 I found that setting compression to full soft, and rebound to full hard with 3.75" of sag helped the bike a lot. I also went up (hard) about 12 clicks on the forks compression and 4 clicks on the rebound. These "to the max" settings don't really leave me any room for adjustments now though, but damn the rear end chatter really disappeared.

Before I go and have the suspension revalved to give me some adjustment room, what are the rest of you all doing for settings. :hmmm:

Oh yeah, I'm probably an intermediate level rider, and I weigh 190-200 lbs.
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nevadaoutlaw, crank in everything you got , front & rear, compr. reb. preload, the works, I don't care what bike it is, just try it before you tell me I'm stoned. thats generic.
Yep pritty much, In the end the bikes still going to go fast, some setups are worse then others, but the skill of the rider to compensate makes a huge diffrence.
What pre-load settings do you guys generally run? MX-100mm, Road Race- 25-30mm? Or something in between? Please state what bike it is on.
Who does the best SM suspension set-ups for KTM's?
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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