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Suspension set-up

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I've played with my suspension settings a little bit and found I could really get the bike to sit down and slide a lot more controllably with the adjustments, but it's left me wondering what other people are running on their bikes.

On my 2004 CRF450 I found that setting compression to full soft, and rebound to full hard with 3.75" of sag helped the bike a lot. I also went up (hard) about 12 clicks on the forks compression and 4 clicks on the rebound. These "to the max" settings don't really leave me any room for adjustments now though, but damn the rear end chatter really disappeared.

Before I go and have the suspension revalved to give me some adjustment room, what are the rest of you all doing for settings. :hmmm:

Oh yeah, I'm probably an intermediate level rider, and I weigh 190-200 lbs.
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I have just learned this past month what works best for me (gonna get new springs) my front is 1 click off full compression and the same with rebound...the rear is the same.... the front has always stuck like shiz to a blanket but my rear was sliding out, until someone told me to crank up the rear all the way.....voila.....I can now crank the throttle in second hard over w/o the rear sliding out (I better go knock on wood after I said that) :laughingr I'm 252 with all my gear on and 22-24 lbs seems to work for 30 I think the tires need awhile to heat up ??? so cold tires with that pressure might ? be the problem......
K-9 said:
Brian, your welcome
:FU: :D :D I need all the help I can get....your buddy is pretty dam fast..... :thumbup:
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