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Suspension set-up

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I've played with my suspension settings a little bit and found I could really get the bike to sit down and slide a lot more controllably with the adjustments, but it's left me wondering what other people are running on their bikes.

On my 2004 CRF450 I found that setting compression to full soft, and rebound to full hard with 3.75" of sag helped the bike a lot. I also went up (hard) about 12 clicks on the forks compression and 4 clicks on the rebound. These "to the max" settings don't really leave me any room for adjustments now though, but damn the rear end chatter really disappeared.

Before I go and have the suspension revalved to give me some adjustment room, what are the rest of you all doing for settings. :hmmm:

Oh yeah, I'm probably an intermediate level rider, and I weigh 190-200 lbs.
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Humm, i run an 03' crf 450 and we took it in to a shop and got them to revalve it and lowerd the front an inch, *stock height on the rear*. My dad just picked up a KTM 525 SMR, and the stock suspension feels ok untill you ride it, the front end is like a barn board and you cant get any good feeling out of it, No real sence of when its about to let go when your really pushing it. so were going to have to revalve that was well.
Yea i did find it alittle stiff, and very unresponsive, like when your coming hard off a strait and hammer on the brakes, the suspension goes down but it dosent give you any increased feeling wile you get to the bottem, and mid cornor i found there just isent any feeling from your tire, no real feed back other then the way the bike slides. Im not real expect on suspension work, but i think we need to soften it up abit and try to give it a much more progressive feeling. Hope that helps? :hmmm:
^ yea for the most part thats what id do, just see what works best for you, i havent been keeping my front end totaly stiff, we actualy softend it up, becouse you lose so much feeling and you just really need progressiveness, but match it to your riding, Quick and easy fix. take it to a shop that works on SM and ask them to set it up how they set there racers up, or if you know a racer just get his set up. Thats what i did to start, *worked off one of the quickest rider in canadas suspension set ups, cuz hes a friend and then made some ajustments to fit my riding, and now im very happy*
Yep pritty much, In the end the bikes still going to go fast, some setups are worse then others, but the skill of the rider to compensate makes a huge diffrence.
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