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Suspension set-up

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I've played with my suspension settings a little bit and found I could really get the bike to sit down and slide a lot more controllably with the adjustments, but it's left me wondering what other people are running on their bikes.

On my 2004 CRF450 I found that setting compression to full soft, and rebound to full hard with 3.75" of sag helped the bike a lot. I also went up (hard) about 12 clicks on the forks compression and 4 clicks on the rebound. These "to the max" settings don't really leave me any room for adjustments now though, but damn the rear end chatter really disappeared.

Before I go and have the suspension revalved to give me some adjustment room, what are the rest of you all doing for settings. :hmmm:

Oh yeah, I'm probably an intermediate level rider, and I weigh 190-200 lbs.
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Spring Rates

I am yet to go down the settings trail as yet, but what I have done is changed my front and rear springs to stiffer ones. The front I found way too spongy as all my friends will tell you. :infrandom So we put some way stiffer omnes in the front and a little bit stiffer in the rear. It has made a huge difference. I would much rather spend money on good suspension before go fast gear any day. Its no use being able to go really fast in a straight line if the thing won't turn.

I did the same as Canadian SMR. Found out what the fast guys were running and followed their lead. ;)

Now I have to start adjusting to see what works and what doesn't. I have the same problem as Brian, this thing just wants to spin all the way out of the corner. Should try that on a sligtly damp track. Sure does get the pucker grabbing onto the seat :laughingr

Good thread, this could be reallt interesting, especially if some of the well set up riders would contribute as well.
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