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Supermotojunkie Discounts at Motostrano

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As Supermotojunkie members you all are entitled to an additional discount of 5% off anything you see in our web site including current sale items and all the rest. Call or email us for details! Free shipping, best prices, best service. Complete supermoto resource.

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AWSOME! I was just about to place and order too.
bump this in case you don't know already!

Thanks for the good deal Joe

Was in the BA for my Dad's funeral and stopped by to a look. Neat shop, great people. I was very impressed. :clap: :thumbup:

(Wandered out with a stand, Acerbis SM fender, couple DVDs, and ordered a pair of Icon Recons...good thing I don't live closer.)
You got lucky I walked in and a Gimoto suit jumped on my skin.....Italian leather it always gets me. Oh yeah the suit fit just right so It's now mine, great deal and if I lived closer I'd be even worse than broke........thanks Joe Ercoli for the Customer Service, I'll be back......Terry Adams
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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