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Hi,i dont know wath sm tyre to buy i ride street legal smr 560 i am agresive rider i usualy ride on warm dry roats
Any sugestions???
I am not the best to answer this since I haven't ridden street in awhile on SM tires, but I was always happy with the Conti Attack SM tires. They were super sticky even in cold weather and did really well on the track until there was no rubber left. They have updated the compound and pattern a bit but I am sure they are still super sticky. I rode with them wet and dry, dirt, street, track and even in below freezing temps.

The only other tires I spent some time on in street trim were the 50/50 Shinko 705. Big block and surprisingly good grip.

I have seen loads of people suggestion Pirelli diablo SM tire but I had never used them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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