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Wicked machine Jay, that subframe is what I'm talking about! This was great to see cause I'll give my KTM 380 two-stroke a stunt dress once I get the chance. I like the idea of swapping out the subframe and running an open airbox for stunting. Defiantly wont rob her of any power or throttle responce.

About overfilling your engine with oil, I strongly feel you shouldnt overfill it. Its very bad for the engine to be over filled, oil will get where it shouldnt be, seals arent designed for the added pressure, lots of things.

Lots of engines cant get oil up to the valves when you wheelie, perhaps they are a dry sump that picks up nothing when you put a new angle on the oil level.

Basically I dont think more oil is going to help it reach the topend, you might end up doing more harm than you prevent.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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