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:rolleyes: That's not supermoto , that's ''stunt monkey's'' ON supermotos. :headshake
I can't figure out if you are trolling, or just jealous that you can't keep it up? I mean the channel name is Supermotarded, probably because everyone on a supermotard is doing something tarded to have fun. It's 2018 don't be so judgemental. Perhaps what you meant to say is "That's not just boring old vanilla supermoto, that's "stunt monkey's" on supermotos riding supermotardedly!!!!"
I mean, I guess we all have our own definitions, and I appreciate you expressing your opininon, BUTTTTT>.. I starting riding supermotos because it's one of those things that crosses boundaries and defies definitions and labels, and it's all about having an awesome time without getting bogged down by technicalities. Is it racebike, dirtbike, stuntbike, roadbike, enduro, dualsport, trackbike, or a 100% OG internet hero defined SUPERMOTO? Life is what you make it. Its easier to tear down than build up. Love you man!
Thanks for watching!
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