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Supermoto In The USA

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supermoto in the usa dvd - is it worth buying? who's got it and how do you rate it?
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it's ok. if you can borrow it off a friend, do that instead i think...
I found it disappointing

I didn't think it was really good. It starts with a "History in the USA" which is a commentary by the original people but you can read about that on the web. Next chapter is a commentary on how the AMA supermoto got started again in USA. The next chapter is highlites of the Red Bull series followed by Rider profiles. The next is bike setups. Sounds good but it really is just the filler area from the AMA Supermotard race TV shows. You know when they cut away in between racing and do an interview with a racing factory team member on "how crucial are front brakes on a supermotard bike". The last chapter is "Extras". I can't remember much from that chapter....but it is stuff like Supermotard calandar and photos of umbrella girls etc.

On a "must have" scale of 0-10 (10 is order right now from the website) ... I would give this somewhere between 1 and 3. For $20 bucks I wished I had kept my money.
a 2 on a 10 scale

Save your $20 and buy a couple 6 packs, You'll have more fun :drunk:
Good thing I just ordered another 20 of them :hammer: :lol:
Of 6 packs??? Good Choice!

i'm such a smart a$$
It's OK, but buy it for nostalgia reasons.
thanks guys - cash will remain in the beer fund!
My opinion, one cd is a waste of time.. the other with all the highlights of 03 is great.. I like to play it anytime somebody comes over who wants to see what supermoto is all about..

Ive got my moneys worth out of it.. :popcorn: and still had money left for beer! :rock:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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