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sumo-adventure HawkGT for sale / trade

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This was my Spring '08 project ... have been messing around with HawkGT's for years, and I wanted to go in a different direction. Pics and website tell most of the story; I went a little overboard, spent too much time and way too much money on this, and just when all was going well, an Italian beauty slipped into my life & distracted me. Bloody hell.

The bike's in Milwaukee WI, and has less than 100 miles on it since completion. Mostly set to go at this point .. could use a couple minor things attended to, but it's pretty well ready to go. $4200 cash price, partial street-legal trades considered if you've got something cheap to throw into the mix.

I will also be listing this in the parts section. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE here, and I'll be parting it out if I don't get a buyer soon. Very soon. "In the next 24 hours". If you want any parts, lemme know.

Motor is stock and starts/runs A1. IDS2 muffler is new. Front CRF450 forks were NEW dealer takeoffs, so were the triple clamps. Electronic guages are new - hooked up for speedo, but the temp and tach sensors are still in the package. Wheels set me back $1950 for the pair, the rear is a custom hub, one of a kind. Dunlop D607's are new. Oversized brake rotor and caliper relocation bracket are new, and very lightweight.

Underseat fuel cell was custom fabricated for this project, very light in weight, looks the biz. New alloy fuel cap assembly.

Please email me direct with any questions you may have, [email protected]

Thanks for looking.
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Dude, you're nuts... in a good way! Good luck on the sale.

WTF and why?:headscrat You are nuts! Cool bike though.
Very cool project, props on some amazing fab work and good luck with the sale, I'm sure a lot of research and hard work went into that thing...
Thanks very much, I appreciate it ... built this for our annual midwestern Hawk rally, unfortunately I fell a couple weeks short (long?) in finishing it up, so I never did get to show it off there.

Am parting the bike out now. Those spoked wheels and the swingarm are still available, though the wheels won't be cheap ... they set me back $1950, not including the tires :)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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