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***IT'S ON!!!!***

Kit and I will be hosting another 6 hour endurance race at Apex Racing Center. If you're not on my friends list I haven't had a chance to tell you about it. The event page is here:

It's a mini moto event so it's cheap racing and there's a really good chance you could find a team to race with. Mini riders are notorious for lending out their bikes for events when they can't attend so post up if you want to compete.

All of our ducks are in a row and you guys have voted on which direction to battle, so it's time to race! We're proud to announce another endurance event at Apex Racing Center. Shari and Dave are handing us the keys to the track to have our way with it for 1 day in June. Are you ready to compete against some of the fastest riders in SoCal?!?

If you haven't raced in one of our endurance races, have no fear. This event is intended for all levels from brand new racer to seasoned VET. Teams are encouraged to mix up their talent pool and invite new timers to dip their toes into the competition pool. Active and retired AMA level racers enjoy attending mini endurance races and this gives us local guys a rare opportunity to mix it up with professional riders without worrying about risk of triple digit speeds. It's always a great time when you're on a mini.

Build your team wisely. Winning an endurance race is not just about being the fastest racers on the track, you've also gotta have a rock solid bike and the team skills to bring everyone as well as the hardware across the finish line in one piece. Strategy is a big part of an endurance event. Run your bike ragged and it may not survive the battle. Reckless racing and multiple crashes can equal a DNF. Not double checking your bike's health before going into this event may also result in having to park it before you reach the checkered flag. Plan wisely and bring spares. Your race craft and mechanical skills will be tested equally.
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