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My 2005 black and yellow Suzuki DRZ 400 supermotard was stolen last night, June 14th, around midnight, from the driveway of my house (near the BMW Dealership on Cook St. where it meets View St., downtown Victoria)

I heard the alarm on my cable lock going off.. but its so touchy.. every time before, I'd run out immediately and nothing was there. This time.. I was half asleep.. decided it was probly just the wind, or someone taking out the garbage nudged it (it's right by the bins).. and sure enough, that's the time someone was fucking cutting it and lifting my bike.

I'm just so heartbroken.. please, PLEASE everyone, keep your eyes PEELED for my bike, and tell everyone you know to do the same. I don't have a car, or even a drivers license.. motorcycles are my only way of getting around and I absolutely love this bike to pieces. It's the only black and yellow DRZ in Victoria as far as I know. Has black Acerbis handguards, Acerbis Cyclope headlight, Kermaxx carbon fiber fatbar, and stickers on each side of the swingarm.

My cellphone number is 250-514-3723. This is the only number to reach me at. Emailing me is good too.. [email protected].

I've made a police report.. but I know how low on the priority list a bike is.. so I'm prepared to take this into my own hands.. with help from all of you guys.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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