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Stolen DRZ 400 SM, Arlington VA

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Had my immaculate black DRZ 440 SM stolen while chained up! Between Sun 5am and monday midday!
They left the hefty chain alone and cropped the disc off!!, if the chain was longer i would have put it thru somethin more substantial!

Only had her 4 weeks and had a 440 athena kit, yoshi system, jetted, 3x3, k&n, arcebis gaurds!
What do u think Geico will give me back.... they know nothing of the mods tho??
KBB is at $4000 but i have half the miles for a 2007, plus mine was in perfect condition!

The sad thing is i was putting it on CL later that day
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bummer man, do you have any pics of it?

I cross posted over to a local forum for ya as well.
duude that sucks... been there done that so i feel your pain... freakin thieves. they need to get buried in a pile of fire ants (or any type of other painful and eventual death)
i'll keep an eye out in maryland....
Damn I'm getting mad just reading this, I'll definitely keep a lookout for any DRZs/ parting outs popping up on craigslist, hope the police find the f*cker and you get your bike back in one piece :bringiton
they cut the front rotor?
If i found him, i would make him poop out of his forehead for the rest of his life.:bannana:
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