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Stateline One Footer!!

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This picture was taken on the parade lap of the Open and 450 practice at the Stateline Supermoto Challenge. Notice that I was able to up the degree of difficulty by pulling off the gnarly one footer!! :D

Metzger...Look Out!!!

Thanks to Mike Reid #354 for getting the photo for me. :thumbup:
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Is this a preview of what is to come at next years stateline race? ...supergolfcarting. :lol:
Coolest pic Ive seen in a while ... :clap:
not bad but next time out how about trying it with the bubber scrub :thumbup:
I wanna see a no footer next time. You can do it. :lol:
I tend to prefer foot out, over knee out when driving a golf cart too! :lol:
Woah! Look out Gary Trachy. :laughingr

Spectacular photo, thanks for sharing that Marche.. I just emailed it to a guy at work who thinks his "garage queen" golf cart is the shit! :cheers:
Marche....Isn't that your wifes golf kart!!!! If so do you think she would approve!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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