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I am an ex R1 road racer that has finally seen the light. I am just getting into the whole motard thing however I am having a hell of a time getting my 2003 ktm 450 started after I shut it off (stall it). I have tried the hot start along with giving it a handfull of kicks with the decompression on. Can any of you give me some advice that works.


PS. The whole backing it in thing....alot easier than it looks!!!!


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Couple of things to try

If your bike uses an NGK BR9, try a 7 or a 6 instead. Make sure your air filter is wet with filter oil.

Use the best gas you can find, I use 119 octane gas that is $7/gallon. It doesn't have to be that, but the best you can afford. If your motor gets "coked up" with carbon, the compression will get so high it will never start without cooling down.

try alot more gas. If you bike has an accelerator pump, pump the crap out of it, 4-5 times after you stall.

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If your jetting is reasonably ok, and your valves clearance is ok, make sure you do the drill:

- Pull the hot start
- Pull the decomressor lever
- Make sure you are not pulling the throttle! (better, take your hand and hold it flat on the brake lever, just in case)
- Kick 2-3 times
- Make sure you are not pulling the throttle!
- Bring the piston to TDC and a bit more
- Leave the decom. lever.
- Make sure you are not pulling the throttle!
- Kick. It should start right away.

As you saw, the major important point here is to make sure you are not pulling the throttle. Its that important.

It's sound complicated maybe, but after 5 times you will do it automatically...

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