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I have an '07 CRF450R and change the oil very frequently. (pretty much after every ride)
The drain plug is a 6mm bolt located on the side of the motor and not nice big drain plug underneath like the later models.
But, I feel like I am on the verge of stripping the thread each time I reinstall the drain bolt. Just doesn't feel right.

So, I have been thinking of installing one of the Stahlbus drain valves by drilling and tapping into a suitable thickness place under the crankcase somewhere to fit one, because it won't work with the existing draining setup. Looks like oil change would be so simple and fast with these things.

Has anyone ever done this, or know a CRF motor well enough to know if there's anywhere suitable to place it for the engine oil side?
I've only owned my bike a short time and haven't ever pulled a CRF down to know myself.
But will be pulling it down at some point so wanted to find out as much about this as I could first.

It's these things, if no one's familiar with them.


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