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You guys can delude yourself into thinking your SMs are faster or you are so much faster, but it simply sounds like you are riding with really slow people, or you're riding through some gravel ridden switchbacks where sportbikes don't do well.

Get out there with some Nesba 'A' or even 'I' folks and you will find that 600SS or pretty much any bike can go as fast as you can - not because SMs are slower, but because it's all about the rider. Plus, on the street, it's also about how many risks you want to take. If you are passing people 'on the inside', then you're the risk taking squid, and I would let you go by and keep my distance from you as well.

Basically, to some extent my point is that the trully fast people usually don't brag about passing anyone because it's meaningless and they don't need any ego boost, especially when you're talking about random people who probably have minimal riding experience.

please sir, do us and the rest of the world a favor. back away from the computer, pull your panties down and untie that knot, then sit back down and realize how much of a whiner that post makes you look like.
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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