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Sorry ladies and gents... the bike sold quickly to someone who contacted me through my CL ad.

Contact Me: Send me a PM and I'll give you my e-mail address and we can chat that way.

Where to start... I don't want this bike to sell. I'd love nothing more than to keep this bike forever but with a growing household I have to get rid of my toys. If you were in the market for a DRZ or WR250 then you need to buy this bike instead. A DRZ or WR will always be half the power of this KTM with more weight. This is the street supermoto to buy. There's a reason you don't see many 625s for sale. One ride on one and you will understand... this is by far the most insanely fun bike I've ever ridden. The power is like nothing else and I've ridden a modded DRZ with a 50 tooth sprocket... it had nothing on this KTMs power.

I've owned this for 5k miles and done 3 oil changes, two valve checks, brand new brake pads front and rear, brake lines bled yearly, only used Motorex oil in it, etc... I've performed more than the necessary maintainance and it shows with how well it runs. The bike has 8,050 miles on it now but I will continue riding it so the mileage will go up some before it sells.

At 6,900 miles I changed the front/rear brake pads, rear sprocket, rebuilt the front forks with new seals and oil, bled the brake lines, cleaned the air filter, did an oil/filter change, and checked the valves. At 7,100 I replaced both tires and changed the coolant with Engine Ice and then took the bike down to Arkansas for a few hundred miles of fun over a weekend.

The bad:
*The decal on the right radiator plastic started turning a maroon color over the last 100mi. I believe I spilled some gas on it while filling up and didn't notice right away because this happened so suddenly and in just one place. With the bike listed I won't be ordering a decal, but they are $50 online. I can provide you the part number if you want it.
*Also, there is a scratch on the right side of the swingarm from the prior owner adjusting the brake lever.

I also have an Excel front wheel from a KTM dirt bike and a matching Ducati 695 brake caliper than you can install on this for an offroading setup. I used a Kenda K270 rear on my 17inch rim plus a dunlop front on the 21in offroad rim. I have a brand new front tire which I can include as well. The setup performed amazingly offroad. These can be included for a little more (or even if you don't try to talk me down too far in price).

I'm willing to negotiate some on price, but you don't often find 625s for sale and it's for a good reason. I am willing to ship entirely at your cost, but it's seriously a pain so I'd prefer local pickup. Alternatively, if you cover my gas I could try and meet part way if it means I only have to drive 2-3 hours in any one direction.

*KTM Hardparts high flow airbox lid
*Debaffled stock exhaust
*JD Jet Kit
*Bike put 53HP, 44lb ft down on the dyno (I have the power and A/F graphs for you as well)
*Koso DB-02 Gauge (Shows correct mileage. I have the original gauge still as well)
*KTM Wheel Sliders (though I thought they were low quality so I replaced with skateboard wheels. nonetheless, I still have the KTM branded ones in a box)
*Trailtech X2 Halogen headlight (WOW. Compared to stock, just WOW)
*KTM 11L Gas Tank (stock seat still. This tank is good for 110 miles in stop and go or 140 in open twisties)
*EBC HH Front pads (If stock grips like velcro... these actually stop you before you think you wanted to slow down)

Here's the dyno video for ya

And here's how I typically ride it (Yes, I do wheelie, but not as often as everyone thinks. This bike has been about 70% commute, 30% hooligan fun)

And just for fun, here's one of my lame wheelies. 2nd gear, power up :D
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