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Heh, I was waiting for that reply. It'll be the first street bike I've ever owned, not the first I've ever ridden. I've been in the dirt since I was 5, ridden all my buddies crotch rockets, harley's, etc. I know how to handle a bike and be responsible, I'm not some 18 year old kid going out and buying a liter bike without ever having ridden something on two wheels. :bike:
this is a story ive personally seen atleast 15 times.
you know how to operate the motorcycle.... but you do not know how to ride on the street.

regardless if you buy this bike or not, do yourself a huge favor. if you are as responsible as you say you are, take a MSF course.

that said..
i friggen love the hypermotard. my friend is a salesman at the local duc dealer, and ive put more then my share of miles on their demo too...
but if you HAVE to have one, go buy one used. or find a better deal.

im in south carolina, so the demand is alot less for that bike... so i can deal a bit more... like i said, my friend is a salesman, and at anytime i could have picked one up for 11k.... if you can get them to go there, thats a much more reasonable price,.. he still makes a good bit off that, and you save a few thousand....

really.... i would NOT recommend that bike to you until you get atleast a few months of street time on something else.. its not that the bike is badass, its that it makes you do stupid things, and you already are in a unfamiliar situation.
make no mistake, this is a sportbike with standard controls dressed up to look like a motard. it istn a dirtbike and wont ride like one.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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