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Hi Everyone,

I have 2 options before me right now and would like your opinion.
I am racing supermoto bikes for KTM Israeli distributor, sadly currently the SMR isn't available here.
I can either wait 6-7 months to get the SMR 2014 or get an SX-F 2013 in a matter of a few weeks.

What's the issue?
Well, waiting means I will continue to race my own bike which already suffered enough abuse (Converted EXC 2006 - see photo below)
Getting the SX-F means I need to find parts in order to make the bike ready to race in the coming championship.

I don't want to compromise between MX and Supermoto and since I will be also racing MX for my sponser I need to have a top bike in each discipline.
I'm thinking of having two sets of suspenion (fron & rear).

Does anyone have any experiance with this kind of setup?
As far as front shock for supermoto I saw people mention the Ohlins TTX, isn't it for MX? would I need to revalve it? or is there a supermoto model?
I'm kinda lost in regards for parts for the Supermoto converation...
I would also be happy if anyone can recommand an online shop that has international shipping option for the parts.

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