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SMJ decals....

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Did a search to no avail.....are there SuperMotoJunkie decals available?

many thanks.
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I'd be into getting one....
Yeah!!! Hurry up!:bike:
This seems like the way to go. I can't believe that more of us aren't just clammoring for stickers!
Somebody get overtwocustoms a vector of the logo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dammit! I'd be in for T-Shirts and stickers! Who is the owner?
Ok... I'll admit it... I need it spelled out!:headscrat
I'm not too 'puter savy!
I looked him up and found an admin named Chris, but he's only got 237 posts? Is that him? Anyway, you guys seem to have it under control.
On another note, OverTwo, I sent you a PM regarding some stickers and shirts for the Motorcycle Gang of Denton. Otherwise known as MGOD. The logo is the same as my avatar. Let me know what you can do fer us!
I got some stickers (for my riding "gang") from Overtwo and they looked great!
Same as my avatar. Let's get on this!
1 - 7 of 84 Posts
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