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SMJ decals....

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Did a search to no avail.....are there SuperMotoJunkie decals available?

many thanks.
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I could recreate the entire logo in Vector (.ai)

All I want for doing it, is some free stickers.

Let me know if it needs to be done.
Fonts not perfect, but this took 5 mins.

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If thats a vector than done deal sir.

Yes, its Vector. Abode Ill. CS3. I can save it in any format you need it.
eps, pfd.....

Let me know where to send it or e-mail it

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I believe motobomb has taken this issue off-line with the SMJ site owner. Since it is his site... stands to reason.

I would not want my trademark jumped on either!

I'm sure a new batch of stickers will be forthcoming soon. But you will probably have to keep an eye on the "lobby" in the members section to find them.

Yes, I am trying to locate the SMJ site owner...

If anyone knows him, please have him send me a message.

We might be able to get some SMJ T-shirts to sell on the site... we'll see.
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