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SMJ decals....

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Did a search to no avail.....are there SuperMotoJunkie decals available?

many thanks.
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We don't have any available right now. Gave away what we had at the first 2(?not sure) rounds of the AMA series and haven't had anymore made yet.

I'll see if we can get some fender / swingarm graphics made up.

That would be great chris. Let us know if youneed some funds to cover the production run...
I believe motobomb has taken this issue off-line with the SMJ site owner. Since it is his site... stands to reason.

I would not want my trademark jumped on either!

I'm sure a new batch of stickers will be forthcoming soon. But you will probably have to keep an eye on the "lobby" in the members section to find them.
Dammit! I'd be in for T-Shirts and stickers! Who is the owner?
Just cause it's you asking chefjoe....


Do I need to spell it out for you guys. :laughingr

Look him up in the members list. DUH.
1 - 3 of 84 Posts
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