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Smc Riders!! Post Pics/mods List!!!

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Wanna check out some other SMC's, see where I stand in the ocean of Junkies.
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When I bought it past november

Changed oil and filters, installed turn signals and replaced the license plate and the license plate light, changed all plastics, installed mirrors, handguards and replaced the handlebar grips.

And this is how it looks like now

I changed today front brake pads, transmission kit and tyres(it was riding Pirelli supercorsa front and rear(180/55 in the rear wheel and I didn't liked it, the tyre was so sticky but too wide), I'm loving the first kilometers with the contiattacks SM and the 160 rear).

And in the next weeks I hope it will look like this I designed in my free time

To do list:
Install the plastic skid plate
Replace or repare the shift lever
Install axle protectors
Custom decals
Search, buy and install a tail tidy(in spain the license plate must have less than 30 degrees inclination, and now it's like 50 or 60 degrees, last friday night the police stopped me at an alcohol test and told me my license plate holder was not legal :rolleyes::rolleyes:, but they didn't said nothing about the akra...(I felt ofended :rofl::rofl: laws about stupid things like the license plate and sound are very restrective here and the police is usually looking for people with bikes like ours just to achieve a number of monthly tickets to get an extra pay...)

Greetings from Barcelona :thumbup: and I hope I didn't made so many spelling mistakes :rolleyes2:
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How come your hand guards and levers point towards the floor so much?
I think it just looks like this because of the pic and because the handlebar is turned to the same side as the side stand. Look at this pic where the handlebar is straight

And i will leave this pic so you can see how it was when i bought it

I think it now looks waaaaay better :D
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1 - 3 of 1303 Posts