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Kind of stumbled into being an SMC owner recently. Hadn't really researched the models. Bought a 2006 KTM 625 SMC. Didn't get to speak with actual previous owner so I still don't know all what I have. Looking at various forums it would appear the previous owner converted the SMC to be more like the SXC? More dirt oriented. Took it to the dealer to have them do the 600 mile service, oil change. Mainly to give it a once over. yea, it has 675 original miles. Wasn't used much. Awesome to ride! only been out a couple times so far but love it. Just confusing not knowing what has been done to it. what's original with SMC and what was replaced. For instance, without dumping it dry and adding fuel, how do I know the size of this gas tank? I'd like to go with the 18L one at some point but there seems to be lots of old information on forums about what will fit with what seat.. nothing recent. I have a unicorn it would seem.
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