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Smc Riders!! Post Pics/mods List!!!

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Wanna check out some other SMC's, see where I stand in the ocean of Junkies.
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New to me 690 SMC

Just picked this up over the weekend. I got tired of debating with myself and riding buddies whether or not the 690 is that much better than my 625 smc.... Now I have both so I can objectively decide... :)

Hurry up Spring!!!


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I like the Duke wheels !
Thanks guys.

The Duke wheels are definitely a plus (I had 2 flats last year :damn:) I still have the stock rims, rotors and cush drive to sell at some point :)

Spring cant get here quickly enough!
I can't remember if I asked before , are they plug and play ?
IIRC the PO said the rear went right in, but fitting the front required different spacers. I could find out if interested.
Please do. I would like to do the same.
Stanimal, here's what I found out.

The PO said the front was a plug and play except for needing a Duke brake disc.

He said the the rear needed the Duke spacers to fit properly. He recommended looking up the part numbers on KTM fiche to find what spacers are needed.

I decided to do just that, as much for my own knowledge should there be a problem or question.

I'm confused based on what he told me and what I found on the parts fiche for the 08 SMC and an 08 Duke. I think he may have gotten it backwards.

1. The front axles are the same part #(75009081000). The front wheel spacers SMC (75009012000) and Duke (78009012000) are different.
2. The rear axles part # were the same but the Duke now has a different (updated) part #. The spacers (right side and on either side of the cush drive) are the same for the SMC and the Duke. I believe my rim has the Duke cush drive, not the SMC.

So.... I'm a bit confused based on what he told me and what the fiche says. However, maybe it just works out as he said, based on width of the triples, rim, etc.

I plan on pulling the wheels off in a few weeks when I give the bike a thorough inspection. I can measure the spacers and send you the info. You can check those dimensions against your stock spacers to confirm whats needed. Regardless, it appears only a swap of spacers and a Duke front disc is needed get the job done.
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