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SMC 625 - Non OEM Battery?

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Anyone have a manufacturer and part # for a battery? After almost two years, mines toast after I left it with the lights on for ten minutes the other day. Won't hold a charge over 11.8v now.

Went to the dealership today and they want $150 for a battery. Hell, might as well be buying Honda OEM parts... :lol:

Believe it or not, the SMC is actually pretty easy to kick-start. Took me a few minutes to remember the 'feel' for TDC though - it has been 18 years or so since I last kickstarted a bike.
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I have not had to replace my battery yet, but you should be able to find a cheaper one. Hell I think wal-mart has one that is close. I looked at wal-mart battery section and they had a vehicle look-up book. I think it had ktm lc4 listed in there. I kick mine sometimes just to make sure I still got the touch. Usually I can get it fired in 1 or 2 kicks.
Deka makes good AGM batteries, and cheaper than stock, and just as good, not sure if they have one that will fit the bike or not
Check with Batteries+. You might find exactly what you are looking for there. I picked up a replacement unit for my Ninja 250. It was about $50.
Thanks Randall! I'll defenitly check them out. Having the damndest time trying to find one under $100...
I"m in the same damn boat..

I found two replacements on eBay, one in the $55 range.. and one in the $75 dollar range.. but now I'm chicken to waste the money.. and am contemplating biting the bullet..
If the dimensions are right, get the gell one. Cheaper and better.

But make sure it will fit.

If you want cheaper, I'd check walmart like said above.

I have not been able to kick start the bike yet. Carb, valves everything dialed in. Starts with barely touching the majic button. But she just doesn't like to be kicked!

But then again... I'm too lazy to practice!
what is the OEM part number/name?

I have the spec's for the battery : BATTERY 12V8,6AH 03

but I'd like to have a part number/manufacturer to cross reference? Yuasa..

awwwwww fugit.. I just ordered the $59 gel one off ebay.. I'll let you know how it goes.
I think it's YTZ10S. There's another company that uses "CTZ10S" as the PN.
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