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SM610 Sprockets and gearing question

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Hey all,
I picked up a sweet 2007 610SM with only about 1500 miles on it! I ride a little freeway and lot of back roads in the California foothills, and the gearing is a little too low for me. The bike is running pretty high RPMS at 70mph. The current gearing is 15 front and 45 rear. What's a good gearing to keep the low end grunt, but drop the RPMs a bit at higher speed? Any suggestions on a good vendor for the gears? Bike is stock except for a Leo Vince exhaust.



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I always start with the front sprocket (ya, it's the cheapest)... So get a 16 for the front, and see how that works. 1 tooth on the front is the same as 3 teeth on the back... Then you might do a little fine tuning with a smaller rear, like maybe a 42???
A friend told me once that he likes the bike to pull him all the way through an intersection (after being stopped) before he has to shift..... Pretty good thinking, I feel anyway.
Here is a link that may help also
SM610 Gearing change

I put a 16t on front and there is very little difference in top end. I just ordered 43 for the rear. I've read a couple forum posts that recommend 16/43 with stock 150 rear tire. Hopefully this will be the sweet spot!
Thanks for the info! Once i realized I could search for the exact bike and it would automatically load all the details, it was very easy to use. Here's what it shows with stock 150/60/17 rear tire:
stock 15/45 at 7000 RPM = 92.8mph
my current setup 16/45 @7000 RPM =99 mph
my next step 16/43 @7000 RPM= 103.6 mph
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I think that first setup is the exact same as the TE610 with the bigger wheels!
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