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SM Rims and tires for 08 530

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I just bought the 08 530 and am getting ready to order SM rims and tires. I see a lot of good info in here but still am not clear on what size rear rim (4.25", 4.5" or 5.0") will perform best and still fit. Same question for tire size -front and rear.

Also, I'm looking at the Rad Cush Hub - the salesman said it might be overkill for a 530 - Thoughts on the value of a cush hub for street use?

Thanks for any help
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I just put a 3.5 and 5 rear on my old 96 400sc the rear cleared no problem with a 150/60 17. So what I'm trying to say is you should have no problem fitting the rim and the 07 08 bikes have a wider swingarm so you should be able to fit a 160/60 no problem other than maybe the chain.
Buy a Sumo kit from KTM, 3.5/5. You are gonna need the different front brake rotor/caliper/master for running the thing at the track.

cush drive makes for a smoother ride on the street, you will pay more for the hub/ and holder but saves on drivetrain component wear and tear. I run non-cushed wheels on my 560 SMR on the street, with no problems at all.

Most 150/17 rear tires fit onto a 5" rear and the Sumo spec slicks from Dunlop can go as far as the newer 170 on the rear, a 160 rear DOT tire will have rubbing issues with the chain and the swingarm, I tried it already.
3.5 & 5:thumbup:
Thanks Guys. I'll go with the 3.5 and 5 and the cush hub.:thumbup:
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