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Simple Question, Simple Answer?

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Ok, I've gotten some interest from my local guys about the reno event. Here's what I need to know before I go any further with planning with/for them.

Is being "qualified" via a regional event a requirement or not (since there are no events in our region) for the finale?

If it is not a requirement, I will start the planning on getting 28 bikes/riders to reno from seattle/portland via a semi truck (we did something similar when there was the AMA GNCC at the X Plex in vegas).
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Ron, I spoke with Brok the other day about the whole Reno event, and I believe there may be a misunderstanding about what the Reno round actually is. From the information given from the Nasmoto website, I was under the impression that Reno was the championship round. According to Brok, Reno is only the final race in the series which would make it a area qualifier with the championship round TBD at a seperate location ( hopefully here on the west coast). Now this is a good thing, because if that's the case, it means that you should be able to show up and register to race what I believe will be the coolest track to date ( no bias just because I'm from Reno). Although, I think Nasmoto is in for a big surprise when they come to the west coast. I hope they plan for a hell of a lot more racers showing up to race out here and make sure they can fit all of the races/qualifiers in one day. You guy's coming down from the northwest, the norcal, superTT guy's, southern NV supermoto, and heck, you may even see some guy's out of Arizona! I just hope that their taking this into consideration, because I'm going to do whatever it takes to run the streets of my home town WFO on my CRF, and would hate to be left out because of lack of preperation on their part. Until then :thumbup:
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