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Season Opener - Bring a rake.

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I went out to the track with Bob "" and Jeff from Eugene yesterday, and got some laps around in the new dirt section before it got too muddy with the rain. It is really fun, and looks to add another dimension to an already awesome venue. It needs some handwork though. The last two turns before the lip onto the tarmac are going to be a challenge for sure. If you are planning on coming to practice on Sat. bring a rake, shovel, clippers, or any other yard tools you have that can shape dirt and remove vegetation. It just needs some smoothing out and packing down. I walked the track before I rode it and along the way I started picking up chunks of asphalt, bricks, roots sticking out, and pieces of logs, and throwing them off the track. We'll probably have to keep water on it all day to break it in. Chris also wanted to know if some of the trees next to the track will be an issue, and I did almost hit one of them at speed; but I’ve also almost hit the tree right on the straight away too- this isn’t MotoGP. It looks like there was some thought put into runoff after the jumps, very impressive. The jumps are nothing to worry about if you’ve never jumped a bike before. You’d have to try pretty hard to get more than 12 inches off the ground, and if you freak out, there’s plenty of space to cartwheel off the track, hehehe. See y’all Saturday!!
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will watering really be necessary since it's calling for rain this weekend? i am skerd of dirt but even more skerd of wet dirt!! which brings me to my next question... i am not a very aggressive rider and haven't even been on my bike in months so i expect to be slow and prorbably even Ass Over Tea Kettle but racing nevertheless! usually the novice class is very popular (busy) with a variety of skill level. do you prefer that people wait until they are fairly confident before racing at all? or is it pretty much a free-for-all?

also, i really want to make it out but i haven't been able to talk anyone else from BC into coming with me so i might need a "buddy" to help me out. i am bringing down the big truck and not ashamed to admit that loading/unloading my 450 is challenging without the right kind of "berm". haha, *blush*. anyways.... :shhh:
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