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Hi, I am interested in getting an SDG for myself, but before I do, I had to ask what you guys think of it?
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vince80 said:
are these bikes reliable, and do xr 50 parts fit right on?
don't know how reliable they are yet, but most of the xr/crf50 parts are a direct bolt on. to upgrade the engine some of the Takegawa kits will work as I am told by the 2 of the dealers (Rotten Inc., and Sikk MX)

vince80 said:
does anyone have pics of a modded drz110?
most of y'all should wait til I get my SikkMX pitbike. for those who don't know me too well, I will push the thing to the point it dies. if this thing doesn't hold up you'll know right away. I should be taking delivery sometime this week. Dealer said should be at my door no later than the 23rd then, I WILL PUNISH the thing at Elsinore MX track, then punish it some more at Grange on the 6th of March.
you can read this in the meantime.

or you can just search the word Sikk on TT
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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