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Scrubbing in tires '08 690 SMC

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I now have over 900mi. on my bike and my tires have been scrubbed in since about the first 100. Only one problem, I have about 1/8" chicken strip on either side of the front tire and can't seem to get the edge scrubbed, my foot peg sliders are even scrubbing the ground. I'd like to get them worked in so if I hit that edge through a sharp turn it will stick and not be like hitting a patch of oil. My forks are showing about 1/32"-1/16" of the black leg above the top triple clamp. If I adjust the height of the fork in the clamp will it take care of my problem?
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I have the same issue.......the rear tire is 99.9% scrubbed in, but the front has a small shiny strip on each side. I'm running 30 psi front & rear. I haven't touched down my pegs though yet!!!!

The easiest and safest way is to get a wider rim..............or put it on a stand and take a belt sander to it :)

The profile of the rear tire has more radius than a 180 on a 5.5" rim.

I wouldn't be obsessed with getting rid of the strip on the street, maybe the track backing it to a hairpin.
that's typical.. it's hard to get the front over.. you'll feel your pegs scraping before you get the front clean.
100 miles on mine now and the wife asked my why the rear tire is wearing un-evenly.
hahahaha I only have one good -round-a-bout on my way to work and the left got scrubbed off and the right has about a 1/2" chicken stripe lol
if you have only 1/8" left on the fronts, it will take anything you can give it, since thats so small, you won't loose traction because of it, the profile on the fronts is steeper than the rear, so hard to scrub all the way over
lower the front pressure a couple psi to see if it increase the wear path.
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