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On April 21st-22nd is a race at Sandia Motorsport track in Albuqurque, NM. The 21st is a half day track day. the other half is races, then the 22nd is all races. Its $10 a day to get in if you dont race. And its $45 i think for the half track day. And its $60 a class. The 8th is a full day of supermoto pracitce but im not goin. Cost $60 a day for practice. You must have a race license to race and you have to have a AMA card also. The site is . You can come on the track day and i dont think you have numbers. But you need yto read the rule book to see what you have to do to your bike to be aloud to ride there. Im takin my CRF and im goin to do Supermoto and maybe the road course cause i got my 14/45 gearing now. I had a 13/50. If you go stop by and say hey. My bike is all black with white numbers, the numbers are 604. Its all modded out. I will probly have my bike parked right next to a CRF450R that is modded out as well. His number is 136. I wont have the YZF. I still have to get steering damper, windsheild, seat cowl, race tires, race boots, full face helmet, leathers, and some other stuff. Oh and if you dont have leathers you can rent them for $20 a day at the track. Well hope to see you there.
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