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take I80 to forest hill rd , take a left off freeway to the right is a chevron gas station , we could meet there at 9am . from there go down forest hill rd till we get to The Last chance gas station . thats were we could fill up if you have a stock tank , you will need to !!! head out down forest hill rd 2 or 3 miles turning left at Sugar pine rd , sugar pine rd turns into Iowa hills rd , is all paved road thats full of turns and no cars its a great road for drz400sm . it takes us to I80 then turning right on south canyon way , we ride along i80 till Yankee Jims rd , Yankee jims rd is paved and then the last part is gravel road but great ride and scenery . you dont want to miss this ride . the last part of Yankee jims rd is new and very smoooooth . and ends right were we started from the gas station were you can fill up for the ride home . o and riding up and down forest hill rd is sooo fun to . at this point im going to ride to salmon falls to end my day going home on high way 50 . if this sounds great lets do it , theres so meny places to take pics and take a short break , o dont forget to bring water to drink , this will be one of the best rides you have been on i bet .:thumbup:
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