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Rotella oil?

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Hey guys, just picked up my '08 690 SMC a few days ago and it's about time for an oil change. I've used Rotella in all of my previous bikes be it jap sport bikes or dirt bikes. I've always been a big fan of the stuff as it seems to be great quality and an even better price. I must say though I'm a tad hesitant to throw it in the KTM as the engine may be a bit more 'picky' for lack of a better word than the Japs. Anyone using it?
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i'm using the Motorex Crosspower 4T. i just feel bad for people who don't get a deal on it because it is crazy expensive.
IMO rotella is too thin. 690 calls for 10-60. I would use at least a 10-50 or 15-50. someone posted a bulletin about 10w-60 begin required for the bearings in the 690?
You NEED to run 10w-60, not sure if the manufacturer makes a differance or not, KTM recommends Motorex. The main bearings will go out if you don't. It will get one heck of a knock!
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