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Rossi to F1 in 2007?

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I was reading an article about Mladin possibly going to MotoGP on Speed TV's website, and it said that if Rossi wins 3 years straight on his M1 that he is off to Formula 1. Is this true?

I know he has tested Schumacher's car, and has always been a fan, but damn!!!

(BTW, in his "test" of Schumacher's F1 he was only 3 seconds of Schumacher's pace and was said to not be pushing it at all!!!)
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moburki said:
Trivia: Who is the only man to have won a Gp motorcycle and F1 open wheel race????
Mike Hailwood or Surtees ?? :headscrat
Do you think Shumacher could post a time on a motogp bike 3 seconds off the pace ???? :headshake .
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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