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Rossi to F1 in 2007?

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I was reading an article about Mladin possibly going to MotoGP on Speed TV's website, and it said that if Rossi wins 3 years straight on his M1 that he is off to Formula 1. Is this true?

I know he has tested Schumacher's car, and has always been a fan, but damn!!!

(BTW, in his "test" of Schumacher's F1 he was only 3 seconds of Schumacher's pace and was said to not be pushing it at all!!!)
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Trivia: Who is the only man to have won a Gp motorcycle and F1 open wheel race????
John Surtees it is... World Championships in 500cc and 350cc GP classes in '58,'59,'60, and '64 World Championship for Ferrari.... Let's go Rossi :bowdown: !! It would be very difficult in this day and age for a cross over world champion, but not impossible.
"requires more than a right foot" ...As does Moto Gp. I respect you're opinions, and to a large degree, I agree. But to say that it would be impossible for a young, godly talented rider/driver like Rossi to convert to four wheels, and be successful, is closed minded. This year is proving that the vehicle is a very large part of F1 racing. The best driver is not winning! I'll stand my ground and say that is very possible for someone(Rossi) to make the transition, with the right backing, and mentors, he could do it :arsenal
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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