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Rossi to F1 in 2007?

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I was reading an article about Mladin possibly going to MotoGP on Speed TV's website, and it said that if Rossi wins 3 years straight on his M1 that he is off to Formula 1. Is this true?

I know he has tested Schumacher's car, and has always been a fan, but damn!!!

(BTW, in his "test" of Schumacher's F1 he was only 3 seconds of Schumacher's pace and was said to not be pushing it at all!!!)
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ive always heard that bike racers dont make the best car drivers. case in point... both Rossi and Doohan trying out Rally cars...

both careers ended within days and many cars headed for the scrap heap.

seems bike racers are not used to be being protected by roll bars and five point harnesses... so when you put them in cars they have an undue sense of security. this makes them push a little beyond but usually ends with a crash.
moburki said:
Trivia: Who is the only man to have won a Gp motorcycle and F1 open wheel race????
an interesting bit of trivia that demonstrates how truly awesome F1 racing is...

more people have flown a the space shuttle than have raced formula 1 cars.

pretty wild.
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