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Rossi to F1 in 2007?

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I was reading an article about Mladin possibly going to MotoGP on Speed TV's website, and it said that if Rossi wins 3 years straight on his M1 that he is off to Formula 1. Is this true?

I know he has tested Schumacher's car, and has always been a fan, but damn!!!

(BTW, in his "test" of Schumacher's F1 he was only 3 seconds of Schumacher's pace and was said to not be pushing it at all!!!)
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Mladin, has been the bridesmaid for many years and has a slight chip on his shoulder about Suzuki not calling him up to Moto GP (I mean Hopkins? how can Suzuki justify that?)

That said, the folks at Yosh have a great working relationship with Mladin and put him on a machine capable of capturing checkers every race.

I think Mladin enjoys a private life and in the US. He can fly home from a race and be anonymous. Moto GP stars have constant pressure to be in the lime light and I think the Moto GP travel schedule is very hectic. America has been good for Mat and maybe at this stage in his life Mat wouldn't want the Moto GP BS

Rossi would be interesting in F1, but once you are the mega superstar of one sport it is hard to change disciplines and start over. Obviously someone of Rossi's caliber wouldn't have to start at the bottom, but he would have to earn the respect of the rest of the drivers. I'm sure he would bring some interesting sponsorship money. Maybe Jordan or Minardi should bring him in this year for a one time celebrity type drive to test the waters, It certainly couldn't hurt their efforts.

If Rossi was 3 seconds off Schumacher's pace that is admirable but not earth shattering. What is interesting though is if he acclimated that quickly what could he do with some real seat time. Could you imagine any F1 guy on a bike? They would be 15 seconds a lap slower than Rossi. Motorcycle racers rule

1 or 2 years ago Automobile Magazine had an interview with Schumacher. They asked him about WRC because that seems, at the moment, to be one of the most visually dramatic motorsoports. Schumacher simply said WRC cars are made to go sideways on gravel and it really looks more dramatic than it is. Schumacher said if you really want to see something special watch Moto GP, those guys are athletes and when the ride they are part of the machine. My heart skipped a beat, Schumacher, unquestionably the greatest driver the world has ever seen is talking about how exciting Moto GP is!

A final thought. Simply put, Schumacher is God. Casual fans may dismiss his dominance as boring but real F1 fans realize they are seeing something special.
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No chance of Rossi getting a Ferrari ride.......none

plus they are going to make him race F3000 or something before he can be in F1

Maybe he can be a test driver for a year at Minardi or Jordan
It will never happen.

Schumacher will (obviously) not win the championship in 05. :headshake

:bowdown: He will destroy everyone in 2006, maybe even eat their children.

He will retire after the 06 season, pay attention you will never see another driver like him. :bowdown:

Kimi will fill his vacated seat @ Ferrari in 07. :thumbup:

Rossi will never get more than a token ride, with a second rate team.

I think Rossi could step up and do much better than Jasques or Montoya, neither one of them can drive worth a shit, but they are from "the Americas" so people love them. BMW NA has such a stranglehold on Williams they dictated that Williams get rid of Button and make a spot for JPM (they felt the American fans have loyalty to him because of his Indy carreer) I bet Williams wished they would have kept Button now, what did JPM accomplish? Jacques is a spoiled talentless crybaby, that walked onto a dominant team to get his wins and championship. Nice pink stripes on that helmet, pal!

He is emotional, a big no-no in F1

You can not drive the wheels off an F1 car, because they will come off

It is about strategy, planning and conservation. F1 is a game of chess

Rossi gets a lap 3 seconds off Schumacher in the best car, under perfect conditions without having to worry about anything, traffic, conserving tires, fuel etc. Not easy, and he displays some tallent, but lets not have him winning any championships just yet.

As they say the "devil is in the details" and in F1 it takes much more than the right foot.
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Yamahauler, I make that exact point on the first page. Motorcycle racers are amazingly adaptable. Anything is possible, and Rossi is supremely talented, I guess I am really questioning if he would be presented with an opportunity to have the right team, mentors and backing. I think a guy like that that has been in the lime light and the pinnacle of one sport is not going to be happy being an also ran in another. The motorcycle people treat him like a god. The car people are going to fold their arms and say show us what you got scooter boy!
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