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Ride to the Crest, pics

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Rode with a friend today, he has a VFR800, i was out on the new KTM 690 SMC, was trying to scrub the tires in, lol, man i could have sworn i was on the edge, but that thing is so stable, i would have been sliding on the GSXR1000, when i left the house i had 80 miles on the bike, now have over 150 I think...

was a great ride, its right above Albuquerque, all twisties, and I mean all, its hard to find anywhere to pass vehicles you run in to on the way up

Here are the bikes up at the top:

This is overlooking Albuquerque where we rode from:

Another pic looking south, canyon below is called Pino Canyon, I've hiked it many times to the crest, its a 9 mile hike one way:

Pic looking northwest:

Could have sworn i got rid of those chicken strips, had to be careful, there was some rocks on some of the turns and I had two Mule deer run out in front of me, the KTM is stable, never slid, just a blast to ride:

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Go down one size on tire width. That one looks like its a little pinched in that pic. Great shots though.
pinched, thats the factory tire that comes on the bike ....ha lol
pinched, thats the factory tire that comes on the bike ....ha lol
lol... i always knew those ktm engineers are noobies:laughingr:laughingr:laughingr
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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