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This is for those with yamaha WR's from 2006-2019 who want to run the stock speedo meter but say have bought sm wheels without the support for the mechanical sensor.
My story is i bought a set of Alpina wheels for my YZ450 track bike but am getting egg'd on to put them on my WR450 for a tour i've been invited to but those wheels wouldn't fit the stock speedo setup.
I've looked around online for a while but found nothing on it so bit the bullet and thought i'd try it.
Warning: This is a little more expensive than a Vapor kit but it is an alternative. Also will require a little filing/modification to fit. But it is OEM Yamaha Parts.

Parts you'll need:
B7R-83755-00-00 (Speed Sensor)
95022-06014-00 (Bolt for Speed Sensor)
B7R-2517G-00-00 (Rotor Sensor)
B7R-2516A-00-00 x3 (Rubber Dampers)
B7R-83955-00-00 (Bracket)
Couldn't find the part numbers for the fork axle bolts but they do need to be longer. If you dont have some laying around then it'll be a trip to the hardware store.

The Magnet Rotor will clip on behind the Brake disc and the Dampers will clip in behind the magnet rotor to stop it rattling around.
3 out of the 6 tabs will clip onto the brake disc and the other 3 rest in the grooves of the brake disc.
If your disc is stock then it will fit no worries, however for an aftermarket 320mm like mine needed some filing around the magnets grooves to make it fit.

The Speed sensor braket should fit on the forks but as mentioned the axle clamp bolts need to be longer, i got lucky and found some laying around with the same thread.
The speed sensor fits in the bracket, pretty self explanatory. It may or may not dig into the fork guards depending on what year bike you have but you may need to cut a slot for it.
Then the cable will follow the Brake hose up to the handlebars. The cable is quite long so you'll need to tuck it behind the shroud.

The Speedo Sensor just plugs into where the old one did.
If you're struggling with the clips there is a tab on the top inside of it the you gently pull out with a screw driver and it will slide out easy

And the proof it works. Image comes out faint but it does work.
This is the part i am up to so i'll update when it's all together but i've already noticed it does read faster (Mechanical reading at 15km/h, Magnet reading 25km/h)
So i dont know if shaving the bottom of the bracket down a little will bring the speed to a more accurate level.
I'll definitely need to adjust the speedo through.

I've covered this in my other thread but for those having troubles calibrating these speedos warp 9 did quick how-to on there site which i'll copy below.
  1. Push the SLCT1 and the RST buttons simultaneously and hold for 2 seconds to enter into the tire diameter correction mode.
  2. The display should now show 100:0C (stock)
  3. Press the SLCT2 button until it reads your newly desired correction factor XX:XC.
  4. Push the SLCT1 and RST buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds to exit the tire diameter correction mode.
  5. 100 is 21” size and 86 is 17” size (Only on Mechanical Speedo)
Depending on tire size your diameter number will be different, follow some cars at different speed limits to get a rough reading.
If when you press SLCT1 and RST and nothing happens then you'll need to take the boot off, cut and tape off the grey wire behind the Speedometer.


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Took it for a test run today and while it does work unfortunately it reads exactly double. (Top speed on these speedometers is 199 km/h btw)
So im guessing there is a difference in pulse readings on the new 2020 speedometer and the prior models. Im not yet ready to call this bust though but wanted to correct this post.
Im looking at a SpeedoDRD at the moment that will allow me to change the ratio to 50%, But that's another cost and was hoping to keep it oem.
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