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I have a request that may already be buried in video posts here, but maybe someone either knows exactly where I can find some, or would be kind enough to post a few....

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone and I'm playing around with animated wallpapers and lock screens. I'd love to find some great videos of supermoto bike(s) sliding through curves and backing into corners that I could use for this purpose. The main requirements for the videos are:

- Need to be in PORTRAIT mode rather than landscape (an abomination normally, I realize).
- Much prefer them in 1080p to keep the details crisp on my 1080x1920 screen.
- Slow motion is preferred, but I can edit the videos if they are normal speed.
- I only need 8-12 seconds of great footage per clip. I can edit longer videos, but shorter ones will save some download time... unless there are multiple scenes in the video I can clip out.

Any advice, input, or directions to point me?
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